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Haul Road Maintenance
时间:2015-01-15 09:51:40
Road maintenance is one of the most important factors to affect the lifetime of tyres. Bumps, cavity and rocks are considered to cut and irregular wear tyres, cause seriously damage to tyres, which may cause tyre explosion. It is particular important to maintenance road conditions in loading and dumping area where the damage appeared more frequently. Since the road condition has a great influence on fleets, the road maintenance will not only be the duty of road maintenance staff but also of all staffs working on the mine site.
Road Conditions
Damages to tyres
Rocks, blocks or other dropped materials on the road.
Cut, puncture or crack on tyres.
Cavities on the road.
Irregular wear on the tread or crack.
Continuous climbing or passing through over soft road surface.
Reduce tyre lifetime or cause cut separate.
Continuous running on high speed and long distance.
May cause heat separation.
Haul road condition should meet the standards and regulations of engineering construction (Road Width, gradient, turning radius, etc.) Regular road maintenance is required to avoid mechanical damage to tyres.
Maintenance of road:
Regularly clean off rocks on permanent/ temporary transportation road and loading & dumping area.
Ensure that there are no sharp rocks on road
Rehabilitate the damaged road in due time, compact the soft road surface and dry down the flooded sections by means of drainage ducts.
The size of gravel particles covered on the roads must not exceed 40mm.
Remove snow and ice off road in winter. A mix of calcium chloride and sodium chloride can be used at a consumption rate 30-40 g/sq.
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