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Definition and Marking of the OTR Radial Tyre
时间:2014-01-26 13:18:43
The cord plies between tow beads are arranged at 90 degrees to the direction of radially. All steel cords have an angle and cross over with each other. The OTR radial tyre is divided into tube tyre and tubeless tyre. All earthmover tyres manufactured by Haian Company are tubeless tyres.
Sidewall Markings:
1. Trademark and (or) the manufacturer’s name
2. Brand name and size
3. Tread pattern code
4. Standard rim size
5. “Tubeless” means that the tyre is tubeless
6. Star rating or ★★
7. Place of origin “MADE IN CHINA”
8. Safety Label
9. Tyre serial number
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