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    The Technology R&D center was founded in Jun 2008 in Haian Rubber Co., Ltd, and was affirmed as Enterprise Technical Center of Putian City after inspected in 2011. In 2012, Haian was affirmed as Provincial Enterprise Technical Center of Fujian Province.
    Haian company has now 35 technicians in the technical center. 32 of them own junior college and above education level, that is the 91% of all; 8 of them own senior title and 12 of them own junior title, that is 57% of all; staffs of age below 40 takes 63%; and 7 of them are professors of engineering from foreign. After several years of introducing and culturing of talents, Haian technical center has been an innovating team of professionalized, major areas have involved electromechanical, chemical engineering, high polymer material, industrial designing, materials engineering and so on, definitely to acquire higher innovation ability.
    Haian has set out , as is ruled, there should now lower than 3% to 5% of the sales revenue invested to the technology development for every year. And if necessary, Haian will add expenditure to the technical center according to the research subjects. It will be assured the expenditure will be fully in place. The expenditure will include purchasing and management of facilities in the technical center, researching cost of the titles and subjects, purchasing and subscription of technical data, salaries of technical center staffs, official and all relevant cost of external specialist and so on.


Haian has totally 35 staffs (external specialist) in the technical center, including 1 director, 2 deputy directors, 5 technical specialists and so on charging for the technical services, qualities control, structure design, process design, compound design, information center and central laboratory. 8 of them acquired senior title, which is 23% of total. As a result, there are senior managers of experienced and skillful technicians in the technical center forming an innovational system of unity and perfecting structure.
Haian has professional and experienced tyre enginners to produce better tyres and reduce mining cost. We have been working and provide service on the front. Our excellent team will provide service to any minesite anytime. Haian always stick the point: Our Service just starts the day tyre shipped






Haian Company have been authorized by ISO9001-2008 Quality Control System, ISO14001 Environment Management System and ISO18001 Occupational Health and Safty Assessment Series. As a provincial grade technology center, Haian R&D center constantly brought advanved instrument and equipment to meets the need of innovation, R&D center timely carry out the new technology research and development, technological innovation, process improvement, product testing and research work. Now, Haian owns the world class research ability and became the home base of product development and technical innovation in tyre industry.



Haian Company had invest heavily on bringing in X-Ray mechain to check the tyre internal structure, and guarantee all tyres are meet the technical standard before shipped.Haian Company also acquired special drum tester to simulate real working environment, making sure all  tyres are suitable for the operating requirement on the mine site.




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