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360-Degree Comprehensive Tyre Service from Haian Group

Recently, the vice chief engineer of haian group, Mr.Shi went to Australia to offer professional technical guidance and technical services for customers. Haian group always keeps the service tenet of “Our service just starts the day tyre shipped”, and has built a professional technical service team, which can provide field service for mines worldwide any time. With more than 20 years of tyre maintenance experience at home and abroad, the technical team has formed a comprehensive set of tyre management and maintenance to satisfy the customers with lower cost, safer operation and maximum efficiency.

Photo 1: The engineer was doing heat test for running tyres

Under normal operating condition, OTR tyres will build up heat due to constant flexing during running.  During normal running , the hottest part of tyre is the middle of the tread blocks,close to the first belt ply where the rubber is the thickest. Haian Group’s engineer uses its own heat test kit which utilizes K-Tyre thermocouple probes to measure temperature: Drill the hole in the designated position, then insert the thermocouple probes into the pilot hole and record the temperature. The temperature of OTR tyre material scorch is 94℃,excessive temperature will lead to early tyre scrap. It may even lead to tyre fires in extreme cases. Hot tyres are also less resistance to rock cuts. Therefore, conduct the use condition of running tyres regularly, including weight study, TKPH study and heat study, to avoid tyre damage caused by improper tyre use.

Photo 2: Luan 37.00R57 tyres were running on the Australia mine

Haian Group is able to provide360-degree comprehensive tyre service: Professional tyre supply chain analysis, tyre daily maintenance,tyre mount and demount,inflation control,tyre retreading and repairing and road maintenance.

Photo 3: Haian Group is able to provide360-degree comprehensive tyre service


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