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Tyre Storage

To prevent tyres from aging, tyres should be stored in a dry and cool room to be protected from sunlight and humidity. Tyres should be stored slant, rested against a strong wall or support An angle of inclination between a tyre and horizontal surface should be within 60-70degrees. Wooden blocks or wooden bars should be placed on the ground against the tyres both sides to avoid movement.


● 1.Tyres must not be stored together with petroleum products, acids, alkalis and other substances which can cause rubber degradation. Keep away from heat source;
2. Outdoor storage covered with waterproof tarpaulin;
3. Do not remove the positioning elements and bead protector until you're ready to mount the tyre;
4. Tyres should be overturned once in two months to change supporting points;
5. To avoid tyre deformation, it should not be placed horizontally. But tyres mounted on wheel rims should be stored horizontally;
6. Tyre pressure should be inflated according to the different sizes of tyres with different tread pattern depth, as well as the conditions of geography and weather on different mine sites, and the standard specified by different mine
companies. The lowest pressure is 80kpa The highest pressure above 40.00R57 can't be exceed 110kpa;
7. Storeroom should be well-ventilated, with the temperature between-10°C to 30 °C, relative humidity of 50%-80%, away from power equipments and other sites that may release ozonide.

Tyres should be clearly classified and stored as following:
1. New tyres;
2. Repaired tyres;
3. Tyres to be repaired;
4. Scrapped tyres;
5. Demounted tyre can be further used.

Procedures of demounting old tyre which is still usable:
1. Remove stones and other objects from tyre tread;
2. Repair damage areas, if necessary;
3. Attach a label on the tyre that indicates mileage, RTD, fitted truck no. the wheel position and the fitting date.

Note: Tyre storage site should be provided with anti-fire devices.

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