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Truck Driving

● Precautions during Driving:

1. Avoid abrupt starts and stops;
2. Do not drive on road shoulders tread;
3. Reduce speed on turns;
4. Do not spin tyres;
5. Maintain proper inflation pressure;
6. Remove any objects, such as rocks which get stuck in the tread or between dual tyres;
7. Check tyres, rims and valves regularly for any abnormalities;
8. Repair/change any damaged tires immediately.

During Loading:

☞Keep loading areas clear of rocks and other obstacles;
☞Avoid spilling load around the tyres;
☞Avoid over-loading;
☞Load to the center of the dump truck's decks.

Vehicle Maintenance:

From the standpoint of safety and economy, proper maintenance of the vehicle is absolutely necessary. This, of course, requires constant, careful work by the maintenance person.

(1)Avoid using any vehicles not inspected for maintenance and repair. Use vehicles in a poor state of repair is a major cause of damage and/or accidents;
(2)Some possible damages to tyres resulting from vehicles in disrepair are listed in below table;
(3)Vehicle misalignment can cause both irregular wear and tyre vibration. Please strictly follow the maintenance recommendations outlined in each vehicle's maintenance manual.

The Damage Caused by Poor Maintenance of Vehicles:

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