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Tyre Rotation

● Change the tyre position in time is one of the key points to increase the tyre life;
● When the tyre used for a period of time, the tread wear on different parts will be different due to the road chamber, brake position and fitted position. This will lead to uneven tyre wear. So it is important to rotate the tyre to make each tyre bear the same load. This is to solve the uneven wear of tyre and increase the tyre life;
● There are two major methods for rotation, cross over rotation and cycling rotation. When you choose a method, you should rotate tyre to the end and never change the method during the rotation.


          Crossover Rotation                            Cycling Rotation



● For the tyres in one truck, you can choose any method above;
● For the truck with old and new tyre, it is recommended to fit the new one in front position. For the used tyre, it is advised to fitted in rear position and rotation within rear four positions;
● When one tyre changes the rolling direction after rotation, you should change the tyre position and adjust to the opposite way. This is to decrease the uneven wear, reduce the part tread fatigued and increase the tyre life;
● The tyre used in rear position won't be rotated to front position.

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