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Congratulate China OTR Trucks Group Standards Censor Meeting Held Successfully at Xianyou
On Mar.24th,2019, Three Industry Standards (here refer to security technical requirement of off-road trucks,operation & using regulations of off-road trucks,operation & maintenance regulation of off-road trucks) of Censor Meeting for off-road mechanical equipment was held successfully in Xianyou, Putian, Fujian, China. Fujian Haian Rubber Co., Ltd act as the co-sponsor of this meeting, we feel very honored and proud.
Photo 1: Group standards censor meeting was held in the morning of Mar. 24th,2019.
Dai Jicheng,General manager of Fujian Haian Rubber Co., Ltd, shared the growth story of Haian, and described the developing blueprint of Haian tyres at the opening ceremony. The predecessor of Haian Company was Mine Services Co., Ltd. Haian Rubber began mining tire supply and service contract business since 1985. Until now, its tire service teams are available in main mining sites of China. Haian has provided minging tire service for over 160 mine sites in the world,with more than 1200 skilled tire service employees.On June 30th,2008,the first giant radial OTR tire 37.00R57 is available in Haian Rubber. It is the first one in China, acknowledged as "The First Giant Radial OTR Tire in China". Haian opened an OTR tyre Era in China.
Photo 2: Dai Jicheng, General manager of Fujian Haian Rubber Co.,Ltd., was speaking.
The first-rate enterprises focus on standard, the second-rate focus on brand,and the third-rate focus on product. So the competition in the term of standards will be the focus of domestic and international competitions in the future. Haian Rubber is an advanced technology,well-capitalized and professional manufacturer to produce giant radial OTR tire, has been focused on technology construction and industry standards.
Photo 3: The guests participating in meeting visited Haian's factory and took photo in front of the Giant Radial OTR Tyres
Therefore, as the largest giant all-steel radial tire company in China, we will timely standardized study and master relevant knowledge, learning and understanding the procedure and content of standard setting, at the same time to participate in a timely manner to the corresponding industry organization activities in domestic and international, to do a good standard on industry promotion and marketing, and step forward to the industry benchmark.
Photo 4: Group photo of participants in the meeting
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