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MRAM Authorized Guildford Coal Mine Capacity Expand

Mongolia mineral resources administration (MRAM) has agreed Guildford Coal Mine capacity expand in Baruun Noyon Unlcoal coal mine in Ummu Gobi province.

As part of the expansion, the mining capacity of Baruun Noyon Unlcoal (BNU) will increase to 1.5 million tons, and will reach 2 million tons in 2016.

Mr. Peter, the general manager of Guildford Coal Mine, said that the capacity expansion authorization form MRAM has an important meaning to the development of Guildford Coal mine; it allows increasing output to over the announced target of 2015.

    Meanwhile, Guildford Coal also said, the result of washing select and test showed that the Guildford mine site is able to wash select high quality coking of lower ash content and sulphur content.


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