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MIIT Set New Rules for Retread, Used Tyre Recycling is Key Point
【The Report】 reported, on Aug. 20th, MIIT officially published the < Entry Conditions of Tyre Retread Industry> and < Entry Conditions of Scraped Tyre comprehensive utilization industry>, the two documents make clear rule of entry conditions industry to the production and business operation scale, and resource reclamation, etc. Meanwhile, MIIT will post the enterprise name list of who match the condition of the two documents. Those not matching with the conditions are not permitted to enter the tyre retread and scraped tyre process industries.

  In China,at present, there are totally 13 million retreaded tyres, the retread rate is less than 5%, while in developed countries, the retread rate is more than 45%. The tyre retread industry still has a lot of room to develop. But, the tyre retread industry in China is mixed with good and bad.

  It’s forecasted the tyre retread level will welcome a considerable improvement by 2015. Retread rate of high-capacity tyre will be improved to 25%, giant OTR tyre to be 30%, and automobile tyre will fulfill the zero breakthroughs. The rate of environmental reaching standard of old tyre source processing will reach 80%.

  As is pointed out in < Entry Conditions of Tyre Retread Industry>, new tyre retread project, rebuild and extend project should meet the national industry policy, start-up enterprises should possess assured source of old tyre supply. For the exited tyre retread enterprise, their comprehensive production capacity should not lower than 20000 pieces of standard convert. For new tyre retread, rebuild and extend enterprises, their comprehensive production capacity should not lower than 30000 pieces of standard convert. As is clearly ruled in the document, energy consumption of tyre retread is limited, it is said, the comprehensive consumption of tyre retreat with pre-curing method should less than 15KWH per standard convert piece; pattern press method tyre retread, the comprehensive consumption should lower than 18KWH per standard covert piece. As is calculated, there exists more one thousand tyre retread enterprises, most of then are small workshop. Specialists in tyre industry express the carry out of the documents will improve the adjustment of tyre retread industry, and clear out those irregular small workshops.

  < Entry Conditions of Scraped Tyre comprehensive utilization industry> pointed out, the existed old tyre processing and reusing enterprises, their comprehensive disposing capacity of old tyre should not less than 10 thousand tones. Newly build, rebuild and extending old tyre processing and reusing enterprise, their comprehensive disposing capacity should not lower than 20 thousand tones. During the processing of old tyre, the old rubber should be 100% reused; the old plies and old steel wires should be recycled. On the energy consumption index, the comprehensive energy consumption of regeneration in old tyre processing should lower than 850 KWH per hour; the comprehensive energy consumption of rubber powder in old tyre processing should lower than 350 KWH per hour; the comprehensive energy consumption of heat decompose in old tyre processing should lower than 300 KW per hour.

  Chinese consumers still not formed a habit of using retread tyres. But in fact in a tyre retread company in American, each tyre would be retreaded at lease 3 times, and for each retreat, tyres are able to run 10 million kilometers the same as new tyres. Specialists of Chinese tyre retread and recycling association pointed out in the interview, at before, the products and consume of tyres habit has a effect on the tyre retread rate, what we need to do is to change the consuming and using habit of tyres. Specialists also pointed out, it will be the first to reclaim the old tyre to retread and recycle old tyres.

  Under the background of annual producing 2000 million new tyres in China, there are only more than 100 million retread old tyres. There are many reasons for the low production rate of retread tyres. The first is that lots of old tyres are not fit the requirement of being retreaded because the retreading is not considered at the beginning of producing a new tyre. Another reason is that, old tyres are not able to be retreaded because consumers rarely consider the retreading during the used of tyres, as a result, tyres are used to an extremely bad situation and lost the value of being retreaded. Last, we have to point out the overload, over-speed and bad road situation damage tyres badly making it harder to the retreading of tyres.

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