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Fujian Haian Rubber Co., Ltd was founded in December, 2005, is located in Fengting industry Park of Xianyou Country. It occupies an area of 78 acres. Haian Group is specialized in the production of Gaint Radial OTR tyres and owns advanced technology and abundant fund. Now it become the biggest giant radial OTR tyre manufacturer in China.

Haian Rubber has grown from mining tires supply and service contract business in sites. Haian Rubber has provided mining tire service for over 160 mine site in the work, wht more than 1200 skilled tyre service employees. 
In June 30th, the first giant radial OTR tire 37.00R57 is available in Haian Rubber. It is the first one in China, acknowledged as The First Giant Radial OTR Tyre In China. Haian opened an OTR tyre Era of China.

Overview of Haian
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